Sea Wolf Adventures

Sea Wolf Adventures’ grand opening is on July 6, 2013! Our business goal is to share with the world the past, present, and future of our people. We will do this by maintaining principles and values of our ancestors while we move forward in pursuing youth entrepreneurship in Aboriginal tourism. One of the ultimate goals is to inspire more First Nations to open small businesses that will thrive off each other.

Sea Wolf Adventures believes in providing safety and reliability for our passengers. We purchased a Stabicraft vessel designed in New Zealand for their waters. Air chambered aluminum pontoons will keep the vessel nice and stable in the rough seas of the Johnstone Straight and Broughton Archipelago.

Language and culture revitalization is high priority for Sea Wolf Adventures and we plan to assist in language programs. Government funding is scarce and Sea Wolf Adventures is taking a business approach to assist in breathing life into our languages. Language is identity and without it, we are lost. We are no longer in our traditional territories if we can no longer speak the names of our sacred lands. Passing on the knowledge and wisdom of our Elders is key and will be at the forefront for our future generations.

Keep an eye out for our new sign!