About Sea Wolf Adventures

We are the Kwakwaka’wakw, the Kwak´wala-speaking people, made up of 18 tribes whose territory reaches from what is now northern Vancouver Island southeast to the middle of the island, and to smaller islands and inlets such as Johnstone Strait.

Deeply connected to and physically and spiritually sustained by the animals, trees, and waters of this region, our rich culture has survived millennia and we are proud to introduce guests to our homeland and our communities.

Led by Sea Wolf Adventures’ owner Mike Willie, a proud member of the Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis people, our team of Indigenous expert guides introduce visitors to areas that we have called home for millennia. Alert Bay was one of several traditional Kwakwaka’wakw villages where our people were resettled and schooled by the government. Breaking free from the iron hand that came down on us in the form of residential schools and a Potlatch ban, each of our guides play an important role in keeping our culture alive today. “Potlatch is a way to carry out traditional governance for the people. A way to look after the old people,” explains Mike Willie. “Potlatch is a way to maintain intertribal connections, by dancing your masks, stories, and songs in front of other tribes to record our history. A way to carry forward teachings for the future generations.”

All our guides are culturally trained and very active in the Potlatches today; we are ceremonial leaders and take great pride in being able to teach and pass on the knowledge of our ancestors. We are active in exercising our traditional laws that protect our lands and waters for our future generations and we are honoured to share our beautiful home with visitors from around the globe.

Our Grizzly Bears of the Wild Tour, if time permits and guests want to, could feature a visit to the U’mista Museum in Alert Bay, which is home to recovered cultural artifacts, and all our wildlife watching tours include cultural elements that explore our deep connection to our land.

Mike Willie - Grizzly Bear Viewing Guide

Mike Willie – Owner / Guide

Indigenous powerhouse Mike Willie, owner of Sea Wolf, takes great pride in teaching and passing on the knowledge of his ancestors. As a ceremonial leader in Potlatches and a steward of the land, Mike and his team are active in exercising traditional laws that protect our land and water for future generations.

Mike grew up in the remote village of Kingcome Inlet and is a member of the Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nation. He has been given the names, T’ɬaɬba’lisame’ (Breaching Whale and Leader) and T’ɬalis (Breaching Whale Around the World), celebrating his deep connection to the culture, the history, and the original land of his ancestors.

Mike has spent his life travelling the waters of the Broughton Archipelago as a route to his homeland and as a place to harvest food. Dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of his traditional culture and language, Mike devotes his time to research and spending time with Elders. Passionate about sharing historical information and traditional knowledge as a speaker, multimedia producer, and teacher, Mike learned the songs of his ancestors at a young age and is an active song keeper and composer. He is respected as a leader of ceremonies in the Potlatch and takes pride in being active in his culture. Mike also has a love for tourism and gets exciting to share his upbringing to guests from around the world; he loves being on the water showing guests the exciting wildlife and scenery!

Sherry Moon - Grizzly Bear Viewing Guide

Sherry Moon – Guide

Karissa Glendale - Grizzly Bear Viewing Guide

Karissa Glendale – Guide

Karissa Glendale was born in Victoria BC. She is the daughter of Vina Glendale from the Da’naxda’xw & ‘Namgis and Cliff Reece from the Haida Nation. Karissa’s grandparents are Helen (nee Beans from the ‘Namgis Nation) & Hereditary Chief Norman Glendale (Tlawitsis) from the Da’naxda’xw first nation.

Karissa grew up in Alert Bay BC as well as numerous trips to Haida Gwaii every summer. She was raised culturally right from the moment she was born, her grandparents brought her to every potlatch & every feast that happened. Her family has potlatched or feasted many times, she has received multiple traditional names and dances. One of her traditional names she uses is Tlalita’las. It means she has the responsibility of inviting the people for potlatches & feasts.

Karissa was taught the importance of protecting and preserving the land & waters. For example, Cedar bark stripping, collecting traditional medicines, eulachon grease making, fishing, hunting, crabbing, and many other activities out on the land and water. All of these activities led Karissa to NIC (North Island Collage) & VIU (Vancouver Island University) where she completed the Aboriginal Eco Tourism Program.

Working with Seawolf Adventures Karissa has been able to explore & learn more about who she is and where she comes from. This adventure tourism company has opened many doors for her to carry on her passion and love for the land and water. Seawolf has given Karissa more of a opportunity to share & educate guests on some of our history as kwakwaka’wakw people. By sharing some of her history, karissa feels that the guests will carry and share their experience with family & friends and encourage them to come visit us while in BC.

Harry Alfred – Guide

K’odi Nelson – Guide

Henry K̕odi Frank Nelson III was born in ʼYa̱lis (Alert Bay), BC in 1973. He is the son of Henry Nelson Jr. from the Musǥa̱’makw Dzawada̱’enux̱w (Four Tribes of Kingcome Inlet) and Elizabeth (nee Dick) from the ‘Mama̱liliḵa̱la (Village Island) Nation. K’odi is a renowned dancer who has mastered all the great dances of the Kwakwaka’wakw and is hired regularly to dance for other families not just his own. He is a striving song keeper and conductor, a position bestowed on him for his love and passion for his culture.

K̕odi has received many names during his young life such as ‘Maxwalagalis ‘Giving Potlatches all over the World’ and Wawigustolagalitsugwi’lakw ‘No One is Able to Obtain what he has done’, to name a few. He is an accomplished artist and often designs traditional regalia on occasions for Potlatches and commissions. He is a jeweller whose work is sought after for its quality. He is also a composer of traditional songs, a gift that is very rare in the present Kwakwaka’wakw world. K̕odi and Alisha Souch are the proud parents of their son Dallas, who is also training to carry on his culture and their newest addition, Zayden.