Our Vessels

2600 Pilothouse Stabicraft 


Your family and friends will be safe with the unequalled stability provided by Stabicraft’s airtight chambered hull design, either while under power or at rest. Stabicraft’s chambered design allows occupants to move freely about the deck, even all on one side. Few other boats on the market can match Stabicraft’s positive buoyancy and design safety. Even if a chamber is pierced, the separate water-tight chambers limit the damage, making a Stabicraft vessel virtually unsinkable.

Interior-Sea Wolf Adventures

Our 26 foot vessel, Sea Wolf, is New Zealand designed with a unique and highly stable hull which allows greater payloads and tougher seas to be navigated. We meet all Transport Canada Specifications and Regulations for safety and stability. We are a part the Blue Decal Program and our operators are licensed by Transport Canada. We are certified for 8 passengers or 2000lbs of freight. There are seats outside for those that want to take in the nice weather. A heated cabin and marine head makes for a comfortable ride!

Hurricane 630

The Zodiac Hurricane 630 Mid IO is used as a shipboard boat for a variety of missions including search and rescue, law enforcement and force protection. The deep-V fiberglass hull and inflatable collar combined with bench style seating; provides the seaworthiness, shock mitigation, stability and maneuverability required to operate reliably and effectively. The ruggedized hull and collar construction and highly responsive diesel engine/outdrive propulsion system allows the Hurricane 630 to be a safe vessel for wildlife viewing and sightseeing. 

Our guides are from the Musgamakw Dzawada‘enuxw Nation and have travelled these local waters for their entire life and operate with safety and comfort in mind. They have great respect and knowledge of traditional sites that were used by their ancestors, and will share what was taught to them as you travel together.

As you can see, our mission is to keep you safe!