Custom and Private Tours

We are able to create custom tours that will suit your interests and time. Experience the beauty of the land and sea while learning about the local history and language of the kwakwaka‘wakw. “Our culture and language emerges from the land. We had a very close relationship to the mountains, rivers, plants and animals of the land and sea — it’s a deep-rooted connection.”

Possibilities include:

  • Observing and learning about signs of the human past, such as pictographs, shell middens, clam gardens and culturally modified trees
  • Our language, traditional place names, songs, dances, art and stories will give you an idea of the richness and wisdom of our ancestors’ ways
  • Visit the most remote villages of the Kwakwaka‘wakw and dip your feet into ancient rivers
  • Combine cultural tours with wildlife viewing

We can provide shorter guided cultural tours, as well as coordinate multi-day experiences. Travelling as a small, intimate group, our guests will experience the local wildlife, including bears, whales, eagles, and sea lions. There are many, many possibilities and we look forward to designing a tour that will leave you informed and energized with the true spirit of our people.

Please contact us for custom and private tour options.

“Beyond all expectation!”

“Our carefully planned, pre-arranged custom wildlife tour with Sea Wolf Adventures could not have gone any more perfectly than it did. Thanks to Mike for accommodating specific requests as our trip was focussed on wildlife photography.”

Evepet, TripAdvisor