Travel Media

Sea Wolf Adventures guides journeys to ancient places in a manner that honours the values of the First Nations people who live here in the Broughton Archipelago. Our stories began thousands of years ago and continue today. Your story can start here – and Sea Wolf Adventures is happy to help you get the information you need to tell your story!

Fam Tours

We welcome qualified travel media to join us on one of our cultural and wildlife tours, giving them first-hand experience of our tours for their story . To book a Fam Tour, please email and we will respond within 24 hours.

Fact Checker Sheet

Our fact sheet has the information you need to provide your audience with relevant and accurate information about our tour company. Click here to download the PDF fact checker sheet.

Image Bank

You can download some high-res images of our tours highlights here. More images are available upon request, email and we will respond within 24 hours.

Other Media Inquiries

For all other media related inquiries please contact Sea Wolf Adventures: